Healthy Week at MTS Globe

Last week, the workweek for  our colleagues in Mallorca, turned out to be different. They had 3 days of health sessions focusing on ways to improve their health and wellbeing. ​

The project was led by the  Human Resources department and  partner, Fundación Mapfre and consisted of different informative workshops.  Topics ranging from  nutrition, heart attack prevention and physical wellbeing. The interactive approach of the sessions allowed our colleagues to engage in several debates. 

During the first session, “SOS BREATHE”, our colleagues learnt valuable instructions on how to act in the event of a cardiac arrest. 

On the second day, the session “WOMEN FOR THE HEART” focused on symptoms and ways to avoid a heart attack but also the possible risk of cardiovascular diseases based on several tests: waist measurement, blood pressure, cholesterol, height and weight.

While during the first and second session the focus was on preventing illnesses, the last session´s topic was nutrition, finding the most effective ways to eat healthier & prepare the weekly menu in one day. 

All in all, a large number of colleagues attended and the workshops definitively contributed to raising awareness on health issues that might have an impact on our quality of life . 

This initiative adds to the others that we have throughout the year in Mallorca, in order to promote healthy living habits be it with free distribution of fruits twice per week, bicycle parking and discounts for gym memberships. At MTS Globe, our employees health is one of our priorities and we are looking forward to the future healthy initiatives!

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