MTS Globe Group Sustainability Report

Welcome to the first-ever MTS Globe Group Sustainability Report.

At MTS Globe we are committed to continuously incorporating sustainability into our daily practices through the way we do business, the creation of our products, the suppliers we choose, and our interactions with customers. We are a bridge between the tourism industry and travellers, and we believe we have an impact on consumer preferences, supplier behaviour, and destination development.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that sustainable travel is becoming more essential to both tourists and tour operators. Additionally, it highlights how consumers want to make more deliberate choices about their entire travel experience, including their accommodation and transportation options as well as how and where they spend their money while travelling.

The goal of our Group Sustainability Report is to provide a clear, informative picture of our environmental and social commitments to run a more sustainably business. This report intends to highlight our initiatives to steer our business slowly and consciously in the direction of a more sustainable structure.

We want to minimise our impact on the planet, so, we are incorporating sustainable practices into all aspects of our business, daily operations, product development, supplier selection, and customer interactions, in order to build a more resilient business model and align with an emerging policy.

Our CSR practices at a glance:

  • Enriching our hotel and excursion portfolio with properties that have been formally recognised as sustainable conscious and promote them.  We have 1000+ hotels in our portfolio committed to sustainability.
  • Sustainable digitalisation of our business by further development of our digital tools and processes, saving natural resources such as paper and water.
  • Further commitment to extend sustainable certifications for all branches within our global network. Malta has been awarded with the Travelife certification and we are actively collaborating with other destinations across our network to pursue the same achievement. Plus, since 2022 we are certified with ISO 27001, the standard that guarantees secure information in all forms.
  • Lowering our company’s carbon footprint by taking concrete measures regarding energy efficiency waste management, paper & water consumption and mobility.
  • Creation of internal sustainability policies including legal compliance, social policy &rights, company culture and community relations.

We are taking the first steps in an ever-changing world, in which we are more conscious as a society of the impact we have on our beautiful planet. 🌏🌎🌍

You can take a look at the complete report here.

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