The endless development journey

Insights Discovery Training in Egypt

Following our Insights Introduction at the ITB and workshops that have taken place in our destinations: Palma, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, we continue our goal to support the professional growth of individuals in our destinations.

Since 2017 the Insights workshops have proved to be a valuable, and useful way of improving interpersonal communication. The contribution to the teamwork, commitment, productivity, and leadership has led to introducing the practical tool to all our employees.

The most recent destination who have embarked on this development journey, are our colleagues in Egypt. Margalida Socias, Head of Human Resources (HR) introduced the psychometric tool, based on a better understanding of ourselves and the others. The outcome was positive and the focus on self- knowledge was perceived as the key to achieving real progress. The enthusiasm after the Insights Discovery was visible, all of our Egyptian colleagues have their Insights color blocks on their desks. 

Dubai has also shown interest for our Insights Training and we are looking forward to helping our colleagues discover their strengths and values.

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