World Environment Day

Today, the world celebrates World Environment Day! (WED)  Since 1974,  it has become a global platform encouraging worldwide awareness and taking steps towards a healthier environment. This year, the theme is combating the air pollution and encourages Governments, NGO´s, companies, communities and individuals to explore together sustainable alternatives in order to urgently reduce the production of CO2.

WED invites us all to reflect upon the small changes in our daily actions that could have a significant impact. Every year, on this occasion all over the world people engage in different activities to make our world a better and greener place: cleaning up forests or beaches, planting trees or protesting against pollution.

At MTS Globe, we have acknowledged the environmental crisis and taken important steps to reduce the plastic waste by replacing single-use plastic, installing new water refill stations and have sponsored on several occasions beach clean-up events. Moreover, faced with such a  major issue we believe   radical action needs to happen and therefore have decided to  stop the use of single-use plastics for all  our future events. We know that we can all do our part to reduce the pollution and preserve the sustainability of our planet and, we are looking forward to engaging in more initiatives.

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